This is pregnancy care where the baby has (or is at risk of developing) life-threatening or disabling conditions.

Some minor congenital findings do not pose risk to the baby and do not require treatment. In such cases our experienced Consultant will give you reassurance.

Some congenital problems may require treatment during pregnancy or surgical correction with an operation soon after birth. Rarely there may be a severe congenital problem which could be life-limiting or could cause significant disability. Mr Impey and Dr Ioannou will be able to explain the implications and arrange appropriate care within the NHS.

Examples of care which we offer are:

  • Invasive diagnostic tests: such as amniocentesis and chorionic villus sample (CVS).
  • Preterm labour: we offer screening and treatment to prevent preterm birth.
  • Multiple pregnancies: including twins and higher order pregnancies (quadruplets, quintuplets, sextuplets etc.).
  • Placental problems: monitoring of pregnancies where a severe placental problem affects the baby's growth.
  • Care of pregnancy with an abnormality where the baby requires surgery after birth.
  • Fetal blood transfusions: a life-saving procedure during pregnancy when babies suffer with a condition which destroys their blood.
  • Fetal shunts: a procedure where abnormal fluid collections inside a baby’s body can be emptied in order to allow normal organ development.