Poor fetal growth is one of the most serious problems in pregnancy. A growth scan can ensure that the growth has been normal and that the placental and baby circulation is normal. We will assess the blood flow to and from the placenta using a Doppler test.

What does the Fetal growth and Doppler scan involve?

The scan usually takes about 20 minutes, although it can occasionally take longer. The scan will look at the baby’s size by measuring the head, abdominal girth and the length of the thigh bone. The amount of water around the baby will be measured. The Doppler scan will look into the blood flow in various vessels in the baby’s body and in the umbilical cord. The baby’s weight will be estimated. We will give you 3D and 4D views of the baby's face if you wish.

You will get a report immediately after the scan and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions.